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Montessori Activities at Home

Grandparents Can Offer Wonderful Practical Life Lessons and Experiences

✨Now grandparents, our home is not set up with day-to-day activities for our young grandchildren. However, when our grandchildren visit, we have age-appropriate toys, games, puzzles and books organized for them in a few of our home cabinets. We also have Montessori-at-home practical life materials ready to use as learning tools. These materials include everyday kitchen

Toddler Art Activities Offer Practical Life and Sensory Learning

Because children are naturally drawn to hands-on exploration, art activities can be especially attractive to the toddler. This attraction encourages the gathering of important information through touch. As Dr. Montessori discovered, “The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.” Toddler Art Benefits The benefits of learning through art are many. To begin with, engaging

Introducing New Foods to Toddlers as a Sensory Activity

Most often, toddlers are eager to try new activities. Typically, they are “all in” when invited to participate. With boundless enthusiasm for learning, the young child tends to explore with all their developing senses and abilities. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for a toddler to want to explore an activity by tasting and “mouthing”

Toddler Painting Activities Offer Layers of Valuable Learning

Toddler painting is layered with practical life learning experiences and more! When an invitation to paint is offered to the toddler, it is almost always received with great enthusiasm. And as an activity, it become a great opportunity for layers of learning. With a little advance thought, painting as an activity can include practical life, sensorial, language,

Need Order and Boundaries In The Toddler Play Space?

“Order is one of the needs of life which, when it is satisfied, produces a real happiness.” ~ Maria Montessori* A beautifully prepared toddler play space should contain thoughtfully selected toys and materials intended to meet the child’s developmental needs and abilities. Attractive and edited toy shelves and baskets along with open floor spaces can

Toddlers Love Exploring Outdoors—Especially with Their Senses

Without effort, Toddlers work unconsciously to refine their senses each day. Especially when outdoors, toddlers innately lead with their senses as they explore and discover the world around them. Knowing this, opportunities for sensorial experiences during a walk are abundant! Walks Can Refine the Senses While on a walk with a young toddler, we passed

Simple Letter Learning Game, “I Spy with My Little Eye…”

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.” Fred Rogers Outdoor play time is an important part of each day. Here in the South Carolina Lowcountry, the weather in April typically means we can spend more of our day outside playing and learning. Lucky for us, there is no better classroom for

Strolling and Soaking Up “The Things They See … “

The Prepared Stroller Although nature always provides plenty of sights and sounds, to be fully prepared for a walk with a five-month-old, I also packed up and placed a few hands-on infant toys in our stroller. At this stage of development, visual and auditory skills are still refining and the ’absorbent mind’  has many sensory

Sweet Sensorial Treasures Can Be Found Peeling a Clementine

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Simple as it may seem, peeling a clementine is a rewarding activity for any child. As a matter of fact, I’d consider it to be a sensorial treasure packed with rich language learning, fine motor and cognitive skill building opportunities! After offering him the bowl filled with clementines, he chose the one he wanted to

When One Door Closes, Show the Child How to Open It

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Young children are naturally attracted to things that open and close; and this is especially true when it comes to doors, doorknobs and handles. When this profound interest happens, it will likely continue until the child’s need is satisfied. A Doorknob Offers Hands-on Learning and Fosters Development The knob in his hand is yet another material