Tag: Montessori inspired

Tag: Montessori inspired

Boundaries and Order Found Within the Toddler Play Space

“Gradually, we came to recognise the child’s love for order and witnessed its surprising memory of the exact position of each object.”~ Maria Montessori, Citizen of the World  A beautifully prepared toddler play space should contain thoughtfully selected toys and materials intended to meet the child’s developmental needs and abilities. Attractive and edited toy shelves and

Toddlers Love Exploring Outdoors—Especially with Their Senses

“The training and sharpening of the senses has the obvious advantage of enlarging the field of perception and of offering an over more solid foundation for intellectual growth. The intellect builds up its store of practical ideas through contact with, and exploration of its environment. Without such concepts the intellect would lack precision and inspiration

Simple Letter Learning Game, “I Spy with My Little Eye…”

“When the child pronounces the sounds of the consonants he experiences an obvious pleasure. This series of sounds so varied and so well known, which come to life in the presence of an enigmatic symbol like a letter of the alphabet, are a novelty for him. There is a mystery about it that arouses in

Introducing Music Skills to the Child 👉🏼 Benefits for Life

“We tend to think that the realm of music is the privileged area of some happy few. Experience has taught us, however, that if offered the right kind of education from a very early age onwards, anyone is capable of entering the realm of music. Not everyone has the talent to practise music at an

First Impressions?”The Things She Sees Are Not Just Remembered…”*

“The child has a different relation to his environment from ours… the child absorbs it.  The things she sees are not just remembered; they form part of her soul.  She incarnates in herself all in the world about her that her eyes see and her ears hear.” — *Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind The Prepared

Who Let the (Now Dirty) Dog Out?

montessori at home projects for kids

“Through practical exercises…the children develop a true “social feeling,” for they are working in the environment of the community in which they live, without concerning themselves as to whether it is for their own, or for the common good.” ~ Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child Always grateful for the sharing of ideas, an

Children Love Baking Cookies and Caring for Others…Are You Prepared?

“Children like to learn all the courtesies of social life. If one teaches them, they are interested to know how to greet, how to excuse themselves when they pass in front of other people, etc.” ~ Maria Montessori, Citizen of the World Because cookie baking had become a favorite activity of his, connecting it to

The Prepared Nest in the Spotlight

“On every teacher and every parent, I urge not great instruction, but humility and simplicity in dealing with small children. Their lives are fresh, without rivalry or external ambitions, it takes so little to make them happy, to let them work in their own way towards the normal development of the men and women they