The Prepared Stroller

Although nature always provides plenty of sights and sounds, to be fully prepared for a walk with a five-month-old, I also packed up and placed a few hands-on infant toys in our stroller. At this stage of development, visual and auditory skills are still refining and the ’absorbent mind’  has many sensory needs to meet. An infant changing bag, water, sunscreen and supplies are always wise to include too. 

The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind was one of Dr. Montessori’s greatest discoveries. From birth, the infant’s brain absorbs all their environmental experiences and impressions. Using their senses they are able to learn effortlessly. This is the beginning of their greatest work of self-construction, i.e., focusing, grasping, rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, talking and more!

Walks Are Wonderful Learning Opportunities 

The environment and the child can reveal the many sensorial experiences and learning opportunities during a walk. Being present and connected to both is the key! 


Placing my hand on the blanket, I felt the sun’s warmth. Listening, several animal and bird sounds in the distance offered a variety in tones. The chatter of people and cars passing by caused both our heads to turn. While pointing to a budding tree branch and flower as we strolled past several gardens, I named each. The air smelled sweet and the blue sky was endless. 

But my greatest observation and lasting impression was from the concentrated effort taking place right in front of me in the stroller. I watched in awe as each toy was tasted, felt, and explored intently. Like a sponge, the child’s absorbent mind was fully engaged and internalizing all the sensorial experiences in play. It truly was a stroll full of discoveries!

“The child has a different relation to his environment from ours… the child absorbs it.  The things she sees are not just remembered; they form part of her soul.  She incarnates in herself all in the world about her that her eyes see and her ears hear.” — Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

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