Nurture your Child’s Development with Montessori at Home

Your child WILL flourish in a well-prepared environment.

Montessori at Home with The Prepared Nest

A home environment based on the child’s innate need to learn offers safe hands-on play, exploration and participation in daily family life.  Introducing Montessori principles at home will nurture the child’s learning development — cognitively, physically, and emotionally— and strengthen family relationships.

Julie Mitaro

As a former AMI Montessori Primary teacher, mother of three grown children, an interior design consultant and currently a substitute and in-home teacher, I have been working with young children my entire adult life, applying Dr. Montessori’s teachings and principles from classrooms to homes. I founded The Prepared Nest to help parents understand how much they can enrich their child’s development with Montessori at home.

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Music To My Ears

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” Plato Maria Montessori observed that the child’s sensitive period for music takes place between the ages of two and six years. During this period, the child is most sensitive to

As It Should Be

In his first six years of life, the child will pass through stages of development called “sensitive periods”. During these stages of development, supported by his absorbent mind, the child is ready to master specific skills effortlessly. Dr. Montessori’s observations revealed the sensitive periods involve movement, mathematics, refinement of the senses, social skills, attention to

All That She Sees

It’s hard to imagine a day without including a little fresh air time here in our southern climate. It happened to be a beautiful day and so we were heading out on a long walk. I made sure to bring a few sensorial toys for her to hold and taste along the way. Although nature

Success Starts Here

“He who is served is limited in his independence.” Dr. Maria Montessori I recently added this ‘Practical Life’ shelf to our kitchen. Creating a home environment that serves the child is critical for his optimal development and independence. My children are grown, but I work privately with local children in my home each week. The

montessori at home projects for kids

Who Let the Dog Out?

Inspired recently by an Instagram post @teacherandthetots, I decided to create a dog figure washing activity. He loves dogs and has been asking for more responsibility in caring for our real dog. He loves to feed her, fill her water bowl and, most recently, walk her on a leash. I’m sure he will be interested

Monti Kids


I’ve partnered with Monti Kids to bring Montessori educational play to your home. Monti Kids is a program that makes it easy to support your child’s development from birth to age three. Every three months, you will receive home deliveries of Montessori educational materials, tailored to your child’s age and stage of development, along with expert guidance. You will learn how to set up an ideal play area at home and how to play in ways that encourage cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development.

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