Tag: Montessori garden

montessori garden

Tag: Montessori garden

Trees and Learning Need Fertile Soil to Take Root

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One of my favorite areas of our property is our Charleston-style side garden with its lush greenery, native trees, colorful flowers and flowing fountain. It’s a wonderful place to relax with a book, visit with a friend or simply ‘be’. It’s also an area that needs frequent care: watering, misting, trimming, weeding, sweeping, etc. This

Practical Life and Caring for Plants

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Caring for plants, both indoors and outdoors, is part of our daily practical life routine at home. Our sunny and warm climate means our plants require watering, trimming and attention frequently. Watering Tools Are Always Handy and Support Growth 🌱 We always keep a watering can and mister handy. As important as it is for