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Toddlers Love Exploring Outdoors—Especially with Their Senses

Without effort, Toddlers work unconsciously to refine their senses each day. Especially when outdoors, toddlers innately lead with their senses as they explore and discover the world around them. Knowing this, opportunities for sensorial experiences during a walk are abundant! Walks Can Refine the Senses While on a walk with a young toddler, we passed

Prepared Spaces for Practical Life

“He who is served is limited in his independence.” Dr. Maria Montessori I recently added this ‘Practical Life’ shelf to our kitchen. Creating a home environment that serves the child is critical for his optimal development and independence. My children are grown, but I work privately with local children in my home each week. The

Sweet Sensorial Treasures Can Be Found Peeling a Clementine

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Simple as it may seem, peeling a clementine is a rewarding activity for any child. As a matter of fact, I’d consider it to be a sensorial treasure packed with rich language learning, fine motor and cognitive skill building opportunities! After offering him the bowl filled with clementines, he chose the one he wanted to

When One Door Closes, Show the Child How to Open It

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Young children are naturally attracted to things that open and close; and this is especially true when it comes to doors, doorknobs and handles. When this profound interest happens, it will likely continue until the child’s need is satisfied. A Doorknob Offers Hands-on Learning and Fosters Development The knob in his hand is yet another material

Practical Life and Caring for Plants

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Caring for plants, both indoors and outdoors, is part of our daily practical life routine at home. Our sunny and warm climate means our plants require watering, trimming and attention frequently. Watering Tools Are Always Handy and Support Growth 🌱 We always keep a watering can and mister handy. As important as it is for

Born with an Innate Sense of Wonder for Life

As adults, we all have fond and emotional memories deep within us from our early childhood experiences. Most of us can recall intense relationships with other living things: favorite animals we had and loved, open fields, wild flowers growing on a mountain side, or perhaps the sound of a fresh water stream trickling down the

Navigate Child’s Natural Urges in a Safe and Well-Prepared Environment

Children are born with natural urges that guide them as they gain control of their muscles and senses with little effort. Especially in the first three years of life, they are unconscious learners and tirelessly work toward independence. Given a safe and well-prepared environment, an infant will begin working to hold her head up, roll

The Prepared Nest in the Spotlight

When Baan Dek Montessori school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota invited me to participate in their Spotlight Series (link highlighted below), I didn’t know quite what to expect. Our initial calls were a pleasure and I was able to learn more about their amazing Montessori school and staff during our conversations. Today, Baan Dek continues

A Love for Good Foods and Food Preferences Begins Before Birth!

There are countless articles about picky eaters, food battles and how to get children to eat healthy foods. Many parents resort to sneaking vegetables into cakes and bribing children with toys and trips to the park. Tears and tantrums can be sparked over a single green bean placed on a primarily white food plate. It

Rewarding Time and Cherished Moments with Your Grandchild

I’m sure Lesley Stahl’s peers are as she describes in The New York Times Opinion page today: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/13/opinion/sunday/grandbabies-the-great-reward-for-aging.html?ref=opinion. Most have plenty of money, time and interest in their grandkids. However, there’s a much larger percentage of grandparents that also love their grandchildren and are willing to help out as they can, but they do not