About Julie Mitaro

Julie Mitaro – Founder of the Prepared Nest
As an AMI trained Montessori educator, former Primary Guide for ages 2.5 to 7 years, and parent of three grown children, I now enjoy helping families bring Montessori principles and inspiration into their homes through The Prepared Nest. A home is not a classroom; however, it is the child’s first and most important learning environment. I founded The Prepared Nest to help parents understand how much they can enrich their child’s development by applying these principles at home.

Through The Prepared Nest website and social media, I share my daily experiences with the young children I work with and care for and how we incorporate Montessori in our daily life. The stories and posts are meant to reveal the world through the eyes of the child while the Montessori inspiration is meant for parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers to help nurture the child’s fullest potential.

Dr. Montessori asked that we ‘look at the child’ and observe the child’s natural learning abilities – especially in the first years of life, birth to six years. The young child develops according to his/her innate tendencies and urges, and we must continue to provide the opportunities, experiences, and environments that will meet those needs – beginning at home.


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