85% of the brain is formed by age three; this early period is critical in shaping a child’s mind and future. How do we give babies the best start in life? An ideal environment meets your child’s developmental needs and presents just enough challenge. Providing this type of educational play from birth will help fulfill, and even expand, your child’s potential.

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Did you know that only 4% of all toys in the US are marked safe for children under three, and most of these are plastic and plush? Monti Kids toys are made of wood, natural, and non-toxic materials, passing all US safety testing for ages 0-3. Each toy comes with a short video and guide to help you maximize its benefits and the research behind it.

Monti Kids was founded by child development and Montessori expert, Zahra Kassam. After years of studying child development and teaching preschool, Zahra had her son and realized how challenging it was for her, and for the parents in her classes, to easily create a stimulating environment at home. So she set out to create a comprehensive program to support parents during this formative time.