The first few years of life are truly remarkable in a child’s natural development. Experiences during these early years shape the way a child learns and grows more than any other period of life. Inspired by scientific observations of children and their ability to teach themselves, Maria Montessori designed a “prepared environment”—an educational method used in private and public Montessori schools around the world for 100+ years. Dr. Montessori believed that young children learn from their environments without any conscious effort.

As a former AMI Montessori Primary teacher, a mother of three grown children and an interior design consultant, The Prepared Nest concept pulled at my heart: share Montessori inspiration and encourage a Montessori lifestyle in ALL family homes! Creating children’s rooms and home spaces that are beautiful, calm, natural, enriching and inviting to the child will enhance the child’s innate development, and a Montessori lifestyle can strengthen family relationships. The goal is reason enough; to help children develop to their fullest potential.

A home environment based on the child’s innate needs and abilities fosters self-confidence, focus, self-discipline and ultimately, the child’s independence. Providing children safe and thoughtful spaces for hands-on play and exploration will stimulate their natural curiosity and love for learning. Child development experts agree that the first six years of one’s life are the most critical years of brain development. The “prepared environment” can easily be applied to a child’s daily life by following his/her natural tendencies. This foundation will serve the child well in the educative years ahead.

The Prepared Nest shares ideas, recommendations and Montessori home inspiration to enhance the natural learning development of children in their most formative years— birth to six. Please follow my Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, and together we can ‘follow the child’.


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