Because the first six years matter most

The first few years of life are truly remarkable in a child’s natural development. Experiences during these early years shape the way a child learns and grows more than any other period of life.

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Repetition and Riptides

Children are born with natural urges that guide them as they gain control of their muscles and senses with little effort. Especially in the first three years of life, they are unconscious learners and tirelessly work toward independence. Given a safe and well-prepared environment, an infant will begin working to hold her head up, roll

Rewarding Time With Your Grandchild

I’m sure Lesley Stahl’s peers are as she describes in The New York Times Opinion page today: Most have plenty of money, time and interest in their grandkids. However, there’s a much larger percentage of grandparents that also love their grandchildren and are willing to help out as they can, but they do not

Inspiring Visions

In early March, I had the pleasure of hearing guest speaker and internationally acclaimed interior designer, Vern Yip, during the Art of Design luncheon at the Gibbes Museum of Art here in Charleston, SC. Vern shared some of his life stories, design information and creative guidance, most of which are included in his new design

Mighty Meltdowns

“Respect all reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.” — Maria Montessori It’s a beautiful Saturday. Your son has spent the afternoon playing happily at his friend’s house and you’ve just arrived to collect him. From the look on your son’s face, you know he is not going

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Manhattan Toy Classic Skwish

Award winning wood rattle and teether toy squishes and returns to its original shape. It’s made from renewable wood and is non-toxic.

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Kids In The Kitchen

by Sara E. Cotner and Kylie D’Allon  – A Montessori-inspired cookbook for children – “that builds independence and confidence the Montessori way.”

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Edushape Fruits Puzzle

Lovely realistic images and large knobs for small hands to grasp make this a perfect addition to our puzzle collection.

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Julie Mitaro

Founder of the prepared nest

As a former AMI Montessori Primary teacher, a mother of three grown children and an interior design consultant, The Prepared Nest concept pulled at my heart: share Montessori inspiration and encourage a Montessori lifestyle in ALL family homes! Creating children’s rooms and home spaces that are beautiful, calm, natural, enriching and inviting to the child will enhance the child’s innate development, and a Montessori lifestyle can strengthen family relationships. The goal is reason enough; to help children develop to their fullest potential.